Address Boulder Model AB2110
Address Boulder AB2105

Available in a choice of four colors, the address boulder formula features modern UV inhibitors for maximum protection from the elements and is integrally enhanced with a unique blend of gritty crushed mineral stone for a dramatically more realistic appearance than fake rocks made in the past from smooth fiberglass that shines unnaturally.


The address plaques are available in three different simulated metals (Copper, Gold and Nickel) for you to choose from so it fits your environment. The address plaques can contain up to 7 characters on the first line and up to 15 characters on the second line.


Model: AB2110

21" W x 39" L x 21" H
(External Measurements)
Weight: 11 Lbs.

Your Price: $200
(Shipping Included) 

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 Address Plaque Options For This Rock

Address Plaque P1650

Model: P1650

Extruded Oval
Size: 12" W x 6" H


Model: P1652


Size: 12" W x 6" H

Address Plaque P1653

Model: P1653


Size: 12" W x 7" H

Address Plaque P1655

Model: P1655


Size: 12" W x 7" H