expand What is the size of the interior space of each rock?

Customers who want to hide or conceal a septic tank lid, pump, utility box or other item in their yard or on their property need to know if the interiors of our faux rocks will completely cover it. The dimensions shown for each boulder are the exterior size, and the walls of the rocks are normally 2-3 inch think, but we will soon list the interior space of each model as well.

In the meantime, please include the dimensions of the item you want to cover or hide when requesting a shipping quote and we'll let you know which model(s) will best meet your needs.

expand How are the replica boulders made and shipped?

Molds for the reproduction boulders are meticulously taken from actual rocks found in nature so our customers are guaranteed a finished product that looks and feels like the real thing...even from inches away.

The latest technology is then used to spray an industrial-grade, UV-protected 98% "closed-cell" structural polyurethane composite--the same material used for high-impact bumpers in the automotive industry and a variety of other common product--into the castings to capture the original surface detail and to create rugged, hollow replicas that are open at the bottom and approx. 2-3 inches thick.

Our faux rocks won't chip, crack, break or wear down due to the elements. Because they're made from a 98% closed-cell polyurethane, they are waterproof. They have a high R-4.5 per-inch-of-thickness insulation value (also beneficial for noise-reduction of motors), are extremely impact resistant and are one of the most durable products on the market today.

The rocks weigh between 15-60 lbs. depending on the style, but are exact reproductions of ones that are 800-1,000 lbs. They can withstand 250 lbs. of weight. The smaller sized models are shipped via FedEx Ground while the largest ones (LB1110 and LB1120) are shipped via common carrier on pallets.

expand How are the faux rocks colored?

Our master artisans airbrush the rocks with fine layers of high-quality, exterior-grade acrylic paints to replicate a natural palette of three color choices: Earthtone, Granite and Iron (Red) Rock. Touch-up color is available upon request.

expand How are the exterior and interior dimensions measured?

The exterior dimensions shown for each artificial rock are approximate and taken at the highest, widest and longest points of each model. Since the interior of each rock varies due to the ridges, indentations and irregular shape of the outer walls, our staff's measurements are helpful for understanding the general usable space for hiding or concealing an item.

expand Will the rocks blow away in the wind?

Our boulders are heavier than lightweight fiberglass fake cover rocks made by other manufacturers so there should be little worry about them blowing away (except in hurricane-force winds, of course).

However, for customers who want additional security, we encourage them to purchase five inexpensive items from a local home improvement or hardware store and follow these instructions for an easy-to-install, do-it-yourself anchor system:

1). An inexpensive key or combination lock (about $4),
2). A small sack of "just-add-water" quick-drying cement (about $3.95 bag),
3). A five-gallon plastic bucket if you don't already have one (about $5.50),
4). A three-foot-long piece of sturdy welded or weldless chain (75 cents-$1 per foot).
5). A brass or zinc eye screw with a screw thread about 1/2" long and a large enough "eye" for the lock to fit through (less than $1).

They should then dig a foot-deep hole below where the boulder will be located and to the side of the item being concealed, if that's the case. After the eye screw is hand-screwed into the rock (underneath and in the roof of the hollow) without piercing through the outer shell, one end of the chain should be locked through the "eye."

Next, the cement and water can be mixed in a bucket, the hole filled with the cement slurry, and as much of the remaining length of chain as possible pushed into the cement. Finally, the boulder should be placed over the hole where the chain can dry in the cement to serve as a reliable anchor.

expand Can the rocks be drilled or cut for ventilation or access?

Absolutely! If the item you want to cover needs air circulation to prevent heat build-up, you can drill 1/2" holes (with drill bits designed for woodwork) in the walls of opposing sides of the rock to allow cross-ventilation. Note: Heat generated by a pump or motor being concealed by one of our fake cover rocks will not effect the boulder . Since polyurethane is a thermoset plastic, it won't melt and flow when exposed to high temperatures.

If cutting small holes in the rocks with a saw, you should use a blade with fine teeth only (!) for the sharpest cuts and best results.

expand What maintenance is required? Will the color fade? Can it be touched up?

The rocks require no specific maintenance. Although most customers appreciate how the color fades slightly over the years to give their rock a more realistic aged appearance, others customers tell us they have applied a water-based sealer on their rock(s) after 2-3 years years to "refresh" the color.

expand What's the typical turnaround time for an order?

The amount of time it normally takes to receive an order is 12-15 business days.

expand Is there a manufacturer's product guarantee?

A 5-year, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is offered if the craftsmanship or material is found to be defective in any way (with the exception of incidents of vandalism or acts of God). Customers with a valid craftsmanship claim will receive an immediate replacement with an identical model once the product is returned and/or the claim confirmed.

expand None of your cover rocks fit our dimensions. Are custom sizes available?

Unfortunately the process we use for creating our lifelike custom molds from actual boulders is expensive and time-consuming so we are unable to take requests for custom sizes or shapes apart from our current collection of faux rocks. However, if we find many customers are requesting specific sizes we don't carry, we will make an effort in the future to expand our collection to meet a popular need.