Ready To Purchase One Of Our Polyurethane Rocks?

If you're ready to purchase one of our polyurethane artificial rocks, call us in Calif. at
(805) 766-9797 weekdays during normal business hours (PST) with your credit card.

The reason we don't have our website shopping cart set up for these particular products is because our polyurethane boulders are normally purchased to hide or conceal an item (unless they're being used for retail display or scenery props) and we need to confirm the rock will handle the dimensions of the item to be covered.

Please remember, the dimensions shown for each model are exterior dimensions. The interior space available to cover an item is much different and, before we sell a rock to a customer who wants to hide an object, we want to ensure it's a good fit.

If you would like to learn if your item's dimensions can be covered by a certain model, we recommend that--rather than calling us--instead you complete and submit our online form (the link is found under each rock description) so we can do some quick research and tell you by phone or e-mail if it's a match or not.