IMPORTANT NOTE: Dimensions shown for each model are exterior--not interior--measurements and taken at the base. The height measurement is the highest point of each irregularly-shaped fake rock cover and enclosure.

Refer to the drop-down menu "Size Chart" on the DuraRocks™ product page to see examples of common object sizes that each DuraRock™ model can conceal.

Here are some helpful sizing tips:

1). First find the model(s) with the correct height for your object.

2). After finding a model with enough height, look to see if the length and width of that particular DuraRock™ is large enough to cover your filter, pump, irrigation valve, septic lid or other item.

3). Remember that the length and width measurements are interchangeable (it doesn't matter what side you call length or width as long as both dimensions are under those shown on the chart for a particular model).

4). If you find a DuraRock™ that fits in length and width, but it is 1" or 2" too short, you can add height by building up the soil, gravel or mulch around the item to be covered so that it sits lower and the fake rock can now adequately conceal it.

5). Measure your item carefully and accurately since DuraRocks™ cannot be returned unless damaged in shipping (in the unlikely event this occurs, and the claim is confirmed after the rock's inspection by FedEx Ground, it will be replaced immediately with an identical model).

Contact us if you need to confirm whether a specific DuraRock™ model will hide your object.